Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Square Crazy

So Casting off the Cold is having a competition this month to see who can knit the most amount of 6" x 6" blanket squares and who can crochet the most. I figured it would be the perfect time to practice crocheting. In February, Tracy taught me how to crochet but my rectangles kept turning into triangles. I did make a flower but it wasn't that great and took a great deal of concentration and hours before I got to that point. I don't have time right now to ponder flowers so I've begun basic squares.

I crocheted a square completely of single crochet and then did one of half double crochet. Very simple and my squares look like squares! I started doing one of double crochet but a. I ran out of time and b. it's looking very airy. I might rotate between dc and sc.

I'm amazed by how fast the squares went! Two in about an hour and a bit ... and I've only just begun! I'm quite excited by this new skill (that still requires a lot of learning/experimenting). I'm going to try a few more simple squares of things like the popcorn stitch and then try out some granny squares. I'm using a deep green Red Heart yarn. I was searching for Bernat cause it's softer but the Wal-mart didn't have any.

I don't really find the Red Heart that rough, though. My only complaint is that it's really splitty which is not pleasant for the first row.

In any case, I'm basically saying that crocheting is awesome and I'm glad I had someone show me how to do it beforehand because the diagrams make a lot more sense now. Yay!

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