Friday, February 20, 2009

Why a blog?

As a journalism student who has repeatedly heard that newspapers are dying and online is the way of the future, it seems somewhat senseless not to contribute to the online world. I don't plan on using this blog to give my own opinion on what is going on in the world --though I very well may do so-- but rather to say a thing or two about knitting and other delights. These delights include but are not limited to cooking, crochet, scrapbooking, travels, technology, etc.

I want it to be a personal resource for my trials and errors in the crafting world. (And if it helps you, yay!)

I won't be blogging very often at the moment as I'm busy in school, but there's nothing wrong with slow-blogging, is there?



  1. I want to be a journalist one day, so I take classes,but my teacher said that we'll always need journalists. Because no matter how high-tech the world gets, journalists are there to tell the truth and to be a good journalist you need trust from the audience~ Oops, I ended up saying more than I wanted to :P Anyways, nice blog and I hope you do well in school~! (I'm in school too, so I hope I do well myself- lol~!) Bye~

  2. Hey! I didn't notice your comment until now. I have to turn on the notification. I have to agree with your teacher! Journalists will always be needed. Thanks for the pro-journalism comment haha. Good luck to you, too.